Kentucky Storied Doors – A Reflection of Memories

Kentucky Storied Doors – A Reflection of Memories

Have you ever driven by someone’s front door that put a smile on your face? A stranger who brings a smile to your face as you drive or walk by their home? A smile is what Jen Anderson wants to bring others who gaze upon her front door. “I think it’s the first thing people see and it should reflect what you want them to see about you,” Jen said.

What dons her front door you ask? A handmade snowman wreath, a gentle “hello” scrolled by the knob, and a jolly ceramic snowman that glows from within. “Snowmen always makes me happy. They are friendly and they’re cheery and jolly,” she said. “They are seasonally specific, so you can bring joy to people all season long,” she said.

The wreath is not just any wreath. It is a handmade wreath that brings much joy to Jen’s heart. The wreath was created the year before her mother passed away. “We spent all day making wreaths together. It was something we could do together there at the house,” Jen said. “She taught me everything I know.”

snowman wreath

As Jen continues to create some of the same projects her and her mother worked on together, she remembers the “rules”. “I always remember the rule of five. You always want an odd number. That will always be stuck in my head,” she said with a smile upon her face as she recalled her mother and her meticulous thoughts on crafts and their creation. “And glue gun everything!” she said with a giggle.

Beyond Jennifer’s Kentucky Storied Door

Beyond Jen’s front door lies a “craft closet” that she has been working on for a while. It is filled with everything a crafter could think of: ribbon of every type, paper for every holiday, and little treasures that add love and beauty to a package. “I wanted a place to work on projects uninterrupted where all my things were in one place,” she said. “It makes me so happy.”

And her packages make others happy as she makes perfect bows for each one. “My mom taught me to make pretty bows,” she said. “Mine never look as good as hers; hers were always perfect.” Well, Jen’s bows seem pretty perfect to me, but she can point out the “flaws” immediately. I have had the honor of receiving gifts from her, only to feel guilty upon opening them because of the perfection behind it. “Just open it,” she says. Every time. But I always have to sneak a photo before opening the perfectly-wrapped present.

Jen’s front door tells a story about her. About her life. Most people just drive by without a second glance, but maybe next time you will think a little more about what that wreath means to someone…. or the story behind that Kentucky neighborhood door.

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