Castle Post Winter Market

Castle Post Winter Market

The parking lot was full as we pulled into the church across the street from the Castle Post Winter Market on Sunday afternoon. We knew it would be cold on Sunday, so we weren’t sure just how many people would brave the weather at a chance to go inside the castle on Versailles Road and see what the booths had to offer. The market was hosted by Paul Laurence Dunbar’s Younglife and Beaumont Middle School’s Wyldlife groups and will help students go to summer camp.  Students will have a chance to play paintball and climb high ropes and forge new friendships with people they wouldn’t have the chance to meet, except at summer camp. We thought $10 for a ticket that went for an opportunity to go to camp was a great idea!

The Castle Post Winter Market was a beautiful, eclectic group of vendors! It was “one-in-one-out” as the castle filled with people from all over browsing the booths set up inside the beautifully decorated interior. Pictures were being taken as people milled around, gazing up at the tall ceilings and around at all the decorations and booths. A tent of overflow booths were outside the main doors and was filled with beautiful music by a wonderful, local musician, Charlie Millikin. He sounded beautiful as we walked through and gazed at all they had to offer, as well as a raffle table full of donated items for people to win. All the workers were knowledgeable and helpful with any questions that we had and it was impressive how organized they were, especially in the frigid temperatures.

As we walked inside the warm, cozy castle , we were stunned at how beautifully decorated everything was. Beautiful Christmas trees, beautiful centerpieces and well-designed mantles throughout. It felt like a Christmas movie as we walked through the rooms full of booths and full of Christmas smells and the Christmas spirit. Our first booth was Clay Chicks Ceramics. Gorgeous personalized gifts, mostly ornaments, were available. Jen chose a beautiful polka dotted ornament because she LOVES circles and dots and polka dots. Right up her alley. We stayed and watched the young lady at work personalizing gifts freehanded. What an art!

As we traveled through the Castle Post Winter Market crowd of eager shoppers, we stopped and took photos along the way, trying to imagine the place without booths and without people all around. It was just stunning. A small, quaint, gorgeous, elegant castle right here in Kentucky! Growing up here, it is still so fun to me that we have a castle right here on Versailles Road! I remember being on the school bus on field trips driving past the castle and wanting desperately to know the history and to see the inside of it. I remember whispering about it to my friends, making up stories as we all pointed at it as we drove by. I think it is every little girl’s dream to want to live or visit a castle one day. I don’t think the novelty of the castle will ever wear off for me. It’s just so neat!

A local castle hosting a local market was such a great idea, especially for the time of year. I recommend anyone to visit this market if it becomes a tradition. Craft fairs are so fun because you get to see local artists, local musicians, and local professionals in one place. Who wouldn’t like something like that? I am a sucker for such things, something I learned from my mom. I always think of her when I visit something like this if she isn’t right there with me shopping. Chicks with Chai really appreciates local artists and shopping small. We look forward to continuing to highlight these beautiful people and their talents.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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