Small Business Saturday

Small Business Shopping

Small business shopping has to be one of my favorite things to do. I love walking into a unique boutique and seeing all the bright colors and beautiful things. The items are unique and fresh and it is just fun to walk through and glance at every single thing they have to offer! Many of the items I wear come from unique, small business shops, whether it be a boutique or an antique store. (Yes! You can find some really awesome finds at antique stores.)

And the small business shopping isn’t all that I love about shopping small. I enjoy the community that comes with shopping small and getting to know the owners on a personal level. I recently met the owners of Magpie Makery and absolutely have made new friends with two beautiful women. “It’s about the community that comes behind it,” said Stacey with Magpie. She is so right! Community is the priceless part you get while shopping small. This is not something you get shopping at a large retail store. “It is about the connection.”

Small Businesses Come In Many Forms

But there are many types of local businesses, many of which do not have a brick and mortar component. Take ForWord Running for instance. Linda Word is a running coach for her small Frankfort business called ForWord Running. Linda works primarily face-to-face with her clients, running up and down the streets of Frankfort, KY, and surrounding areas. She also spends time online creating running plans for her clients where she communicates at least once weekly about their upcoming week’s plan. “Working with local runners gives me an opportunity to watch people get excited about running and accomplishing things they thought weren’t possible. It’s very rewarding to see and be a part of!”

I am a current client of ForWord Running and have had Linda run races WITH me and run long runs WITH me to coach me through the tough miles. You can’t get that from some big conglomerate somewhere! A big company cannot replace Linda’s laugh as we joke about crazy things that happen to runners… and they can’t replace ForWord Running coming out to a race and cheering you on as you try to beat a personal record! There is a component to small businesses that cannot be explained, but is definitely appreciated.

Why Small Business Stay Local

“The people that run the small business are my neighbors and friends and the money I give them stays in our community. Sure, there are some things I could get cheaper at a large chain store but if I can get the same product from a locally owned business, especially if there is some kind of service involved (an appliance that may need service at some point or shoes that I want to be sure don’t hurt my feet), I’m going to buy local. It just makes sense.” Linda

Small business shopping supports local business people and local artists. By shopping with Linda, you get personalized advice, something you probably wouldn’t get from someone in another state. You could also be supporting local artists and not really know it. At Magpie, all the merchandise is made by artists that were hand-picked. “We’ve got to help each other,” said Amanda of Magpie. “It’s about lifting people up.”

Beautiful. Think about where you are shopping and who you are supporting when you are shopping there. Think small. Think local!

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