It’s The Small Things

Smallest Things Go The Farthest

We all go through hard times. It could be a wide range of reasons, but one thing is for sure, having friends makes it all better.

I have a close friend is who going through a tough time and I couldn’t think of a way to make things any better, besides checking on her daily to see how she was feeling. I felt helpless. Then I remembered the phrase “it’s the small things in life”.  Now that can be interpreted many different ways, but I thought “a small gesture goes a long way”. So, a group of us (her friends) decided to put together a “love basket” to show her that we are thinking of her and maybe brighten her day just a little bit.

So, I went to work on finding some “small things” and compiling them together. I of course would look for things that I felt she would like or things she mentioned she likes, all small things that were fun or a way for her to pamper herself, even for a few minutes. We decided to make all things red, as we were calling it a “love basket”. When looking for things of one color, it is actually difficult finding things appropriate for a love basket. You think you see things of a certain color so often, but when you really need them, they are hard to find! But it was so much fun looking for red things that would scream her personality. It was a quest. And the others did the same!

We even made some little soaps that we thought she would enjoy. She is the type that really enjoys making things herself. She is really crafty and creative, an artist really, so making her something was a must! We packaged them in a cute little pink box (of course pink is just as “lovely” as red) and a ribbon and put it aside for her basket. It was so much fun getting together with her other friends to put the basket together. When we pulled out all the items we found we had each picked out different things by chance and the basket came together beautifully!

Here are some items that we included in the red/pink “love basket”:

  1. red wine
  2. handmade peppermint soap (packaged in a pink box)
  3. handmade sugar scrubs (packed in a jelly jar with red ribbon)
  4. red scarf
  5. red candle
  6. pink socks
  7. pink loofah
  8. red nail polish
  9. red gloves
  10. a red, metal, light-up letter representing her last name (from Michael’s)
  11. a Starbucks gift card (a must in any gift for this lady)
  12. a pink and red sketch book for all her beautiful thoughts
  13. handsoap
  14. chapstick
  15. and a beautiful red basket for it all to go in

Of course these items can be switched in and out for items that you think your friend would like or need. It is just a thoughtful way of letting your friend know that you are there for them and you are thinking of them, always.

Try it out for a friend in need or friend that just needs a pick-me-up and let us know what they think and your quest in finding the items. The feeling you get putting the basket together is indescribable and the anticipation to share it with you friend is exhilarating. I hope you both enjoy!

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