Finding a Photog

Fall Photography

With Fall among us, all I can think about is photos. Family photos! Fall is such a perfect time to take family photos with all the vibrant colors all around and everyone excited about what is to come over the next few months. Fall is the perfect time to hire a professional to take your family photos and share them with the extended family over the holiday season!

“Professional” can mean so many things to many different people, so I am going to give you a few tips on how to choose a “professional” photographer to shoot your family photos so you end up with a result you are happy with.
1. Do your research. Check out their website and social media. If you don’t like what you see, you have your answer. Make sure they are legit with a logo, current FB posts, and photos you actually like. Just because someone has a FB page or a website does not mean they are the photographer for you!
2. Check out the poses and set ups of the photos the photographer HAS taken. Do you like their style? Each photographer has a unique style, which means every photographer may not be for you. If you prefer a different style, asking a photographer to shoot a different style than you already shoot may not get you the results you are looking for. Find the photographer who already shoots your style and use their skill to capture the best family photos you could hope for!
3. Recommendations. Try your best to find someone who has dealt with a photographer before, or look at their comments and reviews on FB. You need to make sure your photographers are good about getting you your photos in a timely manner and don’t leave you hanging. Now, Fall is the busiest season for a photographer, so you have to allow about 6 weeks for photos to come back. This may seem like a long time but think about it. It is Christmas season and they have more clients wanting the exact same thing you are… but any more than six weeks is quite a long time, so make sure you vet the photographer for their return of your product.
4. Cheaper does not always mean better. Think about it. You are paying for someone to capture the personality of your little ones, or of your loved ones… not everybody can do that and do it well. Just because you pay someone $20 bucks less, does not mean you are getting a “better deal”. I would be leery of a photographer who is a lot lower than the rest of the market… definitely check out their photos to be sure you like them and that they were taken by them. Online allows for a certain amount of deception at times, you have to make sure your photographer is being honest with their work and posting their photos and not someone else’s. I know that sounds really harsh and terrible, but I know of photographers who have stolen my own work to sell as their own. Just be cautious.
5. Be patient and think about your photographer’s schedule. Your photographer may already be booked this season, especially since it is the middle of October. You may have missed this season’s turn, but go ahead and make a Spring appointment and don’t miss the bandwagon again! Remember, photographers book weddings almost a year in advance (sometimes more) and portraits months in advance. You have to be understanding of this, especially if you choose a popular photographer. Just remember that when the seasons change that is it probably time to book for the FOLLOWING season. It is never too early to book a session and start planning ahead. Your photographer will thank you!
These tips are simply the top five things I think as a photographer you should think about. Why should you listen to me? I have been a photographer for over 10 years and have shot many weddings and work closely with other family photographers on a regular basis. I love families who are pleased with their photos and simply want you to have the BEST experience possible. Good luck choosing your family photographer!

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