Marathon Calendar of Many Sorts

What Kind of Marathon Calendar ?

I have learned a lot about myself over the last few months. Training for a marathon is no joke. It takes time, discipline, and dedication. Not only dedication to your running, but dedication to your other relationships and your other responsibilities. Wouldn’t it be nice to only have to worry about your marathon training? Gosh. What a wonderful life that would be. But it isn’t reality.

The Three R’s: Running, Relationships and Responsibilities 

Maintaining your relationships and responsibilities is a difficult thing. Making sure you complete your household chores, you keep in touch with your friends and make time for them in your life. Not that you don’t WANT to do those things, but just that training takes up so much time and energy, it almost seems impossible to do both at times.
Second Try
This time around (my second marathon) I think I did a better job. I stayed more aware of my friends’ needs, I did a better job of maintaining my personal responsibilities such as my job, my chores, and my bill paying. You almost have to make your own “personal life training schedule” to make sure you keep up with everything you have going on if your life outside of marathon training. But it sure is nice when your friends are training with you… then you get to spend all that extra time with them!!
So, I actually created a calendar that I kept on my fridge that included all my personal life obligations, as well as my long runs. This way, my husband could keep track of what my long runs would look like and we could schedule time together. Doesn’t that sound romantic?? Scheduling  time together with your husband? It actually kind of is! Looking on the calendar and seeing time with him is exciting to me and really makes me feel good to see his name on Wednesday night. We KNEW we would get to spend time together doing little things, or even going on a mid-week date! This might not work for some people, but having the accountability is a good thing because it is so easy to eat, sleep, and train! This also works for us because his work schedule is  very, very busy and it also allowed him to know what days he needed to be home at a decent hour to make our date! It worked out beautifully and I recommend it to anyone, especially those who are OCD! LOL
Marathon training is very satisfying and is a goal that you should be proud of. But neglecting the other people and other responsibilities in your life is not so satisfying. Try the calendar. Let me know what you think. BUT – remember to keep up with that training calendar and make sure you are leaving room for sleep!
Good luck!

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