Down Syndrome Awareness

How appropriate that the Chicago Marathon is in the month of October.

Why is it appropriate you ask? Because this year, I am running the Chicago Marathon for Down syndrome on October 9, and October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month! (specifically the LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation)

I have been fundraising for many months for LuMind RDS Foundation. LuMind RDS Foundation is doing research to hopefully significantly improve cognition function, including memory, learning and speech, for individuals with Down syndrome. Who wouldn’t be for that??

The people I have met through LuMind RDS Foundation have become friends of mine and have inspired me even more to do what I can to raise awareness and to help the best I know how with research and quality of life improvements for those with Down syndrome. It may just be a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things, but my love and passion for my friends won’t let me sit idly by without doing what I can to support them, just as they have me.

So, over the last 18 weeks, I have been training hard for this 26.2 miles that I will be running for all people with Down syndrome, but especially my friends here at Stewart Home & School. My friends have played such a huge part in my life that I couldn’t imagine my life without them. The friendships forged here at Stewart Home & School are irreplaceable, and that includes the parents and family members of students here at school. We all dream of making a difference in the best way we know how. Why not combine your cause with another passion in your life?

I am not going to say it was easy, because it wasn’t. There were many hangups. Small and very large. But the thought of my friends keeps me going and keeps me excited about doing the best I can do! I know that no matter how the race ends, my friends will still be there supporting me. And that is true love.


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