World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day

This morning, I jumped out of bed with a smile on my face, despite it being Monday! I was so excited. I was excited because today is a special day. Today is World Down Syndrome Day! Today we celebrate all those who have Down syndrome and their families and communities that support them. Here at Stewart Home & School we like to celebrate these awesome people on a daily basis, but today is extra special as the world comes together to celebrate such a wonderful group of people.

Personally, I have made quite a few friends here, and elsewhere, with some wonderful, amazing, talented people who have Down syndrome. I am constantly amazed at their generosity, love, compassion, and friendship. It reminds me that all the things I worry and stress about on a daily basis really don’t matter as much when I have one of my buddies around to remind me that love is what matters. Being kind to one another is so important in a busy, hectic world that we all need to slow down and remember that being kind to one another is truly what matters… not getting to the movies on time or shopping with our friends.

This love has even inspired me to run for LuMind Research Down syndrome that helps delay cognitive onset of Alzheimer’s disease in this particular population. I will be headed to Chicago in October to run a full marathon for my friends and for those friends I have never met. Stewart Home & School has changed my life is so many ways. I never thought I would be doing something like this and I never fully appreciated others raising money for a cause until recent years. Training for someone else really puts things into perspective as I wake up early in morning not wanting to get out of bed. This morning I even woke up early so excited to run the 3.21 miles in honor of 3/21/16, World Down Syndrome Day! The world didn’t look so dark this morning when I woke up to celebrate my friends.

I encourage everyone to do something special today for someone, even if they don’t have Down syndrome, because that is what my friends would want. Tell your friends how much you appreciate them and their love. Be kind to others. Oh! And have a great day!

written by Tricia Brill



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